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From finance and banking to mixed-use, our portfolio's common threads are projects that are on time and on budget.  With all design services available in house, we offer our busy clients a single point of contact and enhanced discipline coordination - so they can spend less time running their project and more time running their business.


Vicarious Visions: LaBella completed at new 44,000 square foot video game production headquarters in Albany, NY.  IT was designed to create a "Silicon Valley, East Coast" style of office with collaboration spaces, high intensity gaming areas, and major employee amenities.


Corporate and Office

From newly constructed headquarters to interior tenant fit-outs, LaBella’s team has developed office environments from conservative to the cutting edge. Approaching your offices as an extension of your brand can turn the space you occupy into a recruitment and retention tool. The space will come to symbolize the unique identity and culture of your business, and even help shape behaviors into becoming the organization you want to be. Generational shifts, technological requirements, and sustainability goals are all influencing office design strategies. Electronic record keeping and file access are reducing storage requirements, relaxing adjacency requirements and creating flexibility and mobility for personnel. LaBella’s design team provides tailored solutions to each of our clients based on their unique requirements.

Banks and Retail

In addition to providing environmental due diligence services to banks, our team also regularly addresses banking facilities, providing design services for branch expansions and renovations. Other retail outlets include Dunkin’ Donuts franchises, True Value Hardware, and Pet Supply Plus, among others. We work with each client to address the requirements of each individual site, including parking and access, sight lines and neighborhood context.

Restaurants, Clubs & Hospitality

We understand our hospitality clients' need for environments that exceed their guests' expectations. Our team will work with you to ensure your environment is not only consistent with your brand experience, but also enhances it. We've successfully renovated many spaces to ensure minimal disruption to services.

Industrial and Manufacturing

LaBella can provide comprehensive architectural, engineering and site design services for companies planning a new facility, addition or renovation. We can assist with the optimization of existing facility layouts, as well as site planning and building expansion design to accommodate new products and services. Energy utilization equipment and systems constitute major expenses for industry. Our civil, mechanical, electrical, and energy engineers can evaluate building infrastructure, identify inefficiencies, and provide alternative solutions for optimizing your systems. We can determine potential cost saving measures, estimate total costs for implementation, and calculate the simple payback period to assist in the decision-making process. LaBella staff is knowledgeable regarding Local, State and Federal programs providing monetary assistance for projects resulting in energy savings or productivity improvements. Our experience can make it possible to greatly reduce the cost of implementing facility capital improvement projects.

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"understanding what our objectives were, our culture and translating that into the design is what we really appreciated about labella." 
faheem masood
President & CEO

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