We recognize the power of place: spaces that enable people to gather as a community with shared goals, traditions or values. Our work for religious organizations, community arts, recreation and entertainment venues is founded on creating or maintaining the facilities that support our social fabric.

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Read about our design partnership with artists John Dodd and Valerie O'Hara in Barbara Burke's interactive blog post chronicling our collaboration on the Hermance Family Chapel of St. Basil the Great.



Successful religious facilities projects are founded on consensus-driven decision making with each faith community, stewardship of the congregation's resources, and identifying architectural character that communicates the significance of the space. LaBella Associates has all the services needed to complete religious projects in-house. From architectural design, to structural, mechanical, electrical, and site engineering, to environmental consulting, we address all the needs of new designs, renovations and expansions. Our expertise includes:

  • Experience in design for prayer/worship spaces
  • Experience working with the State Office of Historic Preservation
  • Experience in working with Building Committees
  • Expertise in cost estimating and constructability
  • In-house structural, electrical, mechanical, civil, and environmental engineering groups
  • The capacity to meet expedited schedules
The design solutions of our past work is of great value to our clients. While all projects are different in program, scale and budget, our comprehensive approach remains similar. Our goal is to provide:
  • A planning process that achieves consensus decision making and fosters growth in our religious values
  • Technologically advanced solutions responding to both present and future needs
  • Creation of “best value” not only in initial cost, but in long term operational expense
  • Design analysis guided by budget and schedule control to provide solutions within the funds available
  • A building of architectural character, representing a symbol of cultural significance for the congregation
Religious facilities are important projects that enhance community life. At LaBella, we understand that these facilities are long term investments and therefore, they need to serve many worshipers for years to come.


As a full service firm with over three decades of experience in serving recreational facilities, we offer a comprehensive array of services to assist you in all phases of development from the very beginning of the project to its final completion. Our experts will listen to your team, and together cultivate a holistic approach to health & wellness, community engagement, and each member’s individual experience.

LaBella has an extensive history of serving YMCA’s across New York State. Our experience includes new construction, additions, and continuous improvement/renovation for both community YMCA’s and camps. Our design professionals work closely with each location to create spaces that are consistent with the Y’s core values and mission, as well as providing the amenities that the market demands.

In addition to our direct experience with Y’s, our portfolio also includes work for community centers, field houses, and K-12 and collegiate athletic facilities, which encompass gymnasiums, weight rooms, locker rooms, tracks, spectator seating, pools, tennis courts and athletic fields.

Arts & Entertainment

LaBella is a strong advocate of the arts in our community and our goal is to create spaces that enhance the human experience. Our work with and support in each of the communities LaBella has a presence is a testament to the value we pledge on these institutions and how they are integral to the quality of life. We have a strong understanding of both theatre design and the support spaces required to engage the community and facilitate development. In addition, we have worked with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and local entities on numerous projects to ensure appropriate stewardship of building history.

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