Construction Services & Support

Our construction capabilities give us greater management of project schedule, budget, and ultimately, success.

In our role as client advocates, we consistently look for ways our team can make project delivery seamless, certain, and cost-effective. Expanding our capabilities and roles during the construction phase has allowed us to deliver service that goes beyond client expectations, strengthen our relationships with construction partners, and improve our design expertise.

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We believe in full-service.

The more we do, the more we’re asked to.  We continue to add capabilities to support projects at all phases.


Drilling services are a major component of infrastructure development, environmental site assessments, or remedial investigations. What’s more, an experienced crew with the right equipment is job-critical.

LaBella Environmental, LLC has a team of skilled drillers with decades of experience and a fleet of rigs for just about any environmental or geotechnical drilling need. We’ve encountered both the common and the uncommon complications of drilling in a variety of environments and dynamic conditions. Our drillers welcome the challenges—our sleeves are rolled up and we’re at the ready.

Drilling Services

  • Direct push, hollow stem auger, and sonic drilling of unconsolidated materials
  • Wash rotary, air hammer, and coring methods for bedrock
  • Depth discrete soil and groundwater sampling via direct push
  • Monitoring well installation & development
  • Remedial well installation
  • Overwater barge drilling and sampling
  • Membrane interface probe (MIP) and laser-induced fluorescence (LIF)
  • Geotechnical (standard split spoon and Shelby tube sampling)
  • Well decommissioning

Environmental Contracting

LaBella Environmental, LLC’s services, which include geotechnical drilling, tank removals, soil excavation, and demolition, among others, complement our environmental consulting and remediation expertise. With LaBella Environmental, LLC, we are able to offer optimal schedule and cost control for our clients’ projects, and have eliminated the additional fees associated with the use of multiple contractors.

Our team of professionals is committed to providing our clients with cost-effective and all-inclusive solutions:

  • Remedial Injection
  • Remediation Services & Site Management
  • Underground & Aboveground Storage Tank Removals
  • Soil Vapor Intrusion (SVI) Investigation & Mitigation
  • Soil Excavation, Transportation, & Disposal
  • Remediation System Design, Installation, & Monitoring
  • Advanced System Controls
  • Hydraulic Lift Removals
  • Facility Decommissioning & Demolition

Construction Engineering

We pride ourselves on innovation and creativity that solves the technical challenges that arise from the unique needs of the project environment. LaBella is your project advocate, we will be engaged and productive members of your team. LaBella is schedule-driven and cost-conscious. Our approach is to work collaboratively to develop a sound and sensible engineered solution.

  • Demolition Plans & Procedures
  • Erection Plans
  • Shoring & Jacking Design
  • Cofferdam Design
  • Value Engineering
  • Accelerated Construction
  • Excavation Protection Systems
  • Temporary Structure Design
  • Shop Drawings
  • Survey & Stakeout
  • 3D Modeling & Machine Control Data Preparation


Field Construction Management

Critical to LaBella’s robust service portfolio is the technical expertise that happens far from the office. Project Managers utilize Field Construction Managers to coordinate and manage all daily construction activities as well as interact with owner’s engineers. Our Field Construction Managers coordinate schedules with project
managers and oversee civil and electrical construction, equipment installation, and testing and commissioning. Field Construction Management plays an integral part in getting sites mobilized or demobilized on time without sacrifice to
schedule, cost, quality, or safety.

Tasks include:

  • Daily coordination meetings and preparation of daily
  • Coordination and oversight of project team and
    construction activities.
  • Facilitation of questions encountered in the field with
    project team and engineer of record when necessary.
  • Ensure contract personnel are adhering to safety
    requirements, i.e., daily tailboards, hot work permit, lock
    out / tag out, etc.
  • Verification that equipment specified on the project
    documents is procured, positioned, and installed in
    accordance with the construction drawings and to the
    applicable code.
  • Environmental Controls Inspection
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