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With a deep bench of diverse professionals, LaBella can provide professional design, engineering, safety, and environmental consulting services when you need them, where you need them.


Structural Engineering

  • Perform on-site visual inspections of existing structures
  • Perform load rating analysis on existing structures
    • Mezzanines, stairs, catwalks, walls, guardrails
  • Provide on-site recommendations from engineering judgement
  • Understand crew/equipment loading requirements
  • Submit reports documenting:
    • Existing conditions
    • Safety of building/structure use
    • Allowable load ratings of building elements
    • Recommendations for repair
    • Alternatives for areas deemed structurally deficient

Environmental, Health & Safety Services

  • Perform initial walkthrough and visual assessment to:
    • Identify potential hazards
    • Provide immediate on site recommendations
    • Develop scope of work
  • Inspection of interior and exterior of buildings and building materials /components for various contaminants including but not limited to: asbestos, lead, mold, contaminated soils, PCB’s, universal waste, and bird waste
  • Understanding of state regulations and safety teams expectations, accepted methodology and work practices
  • Produce clear and easily understood industry standard reports detailing site conditions, locations, quantities, and drawings.
  • Work closely with production team to provide recommendations and appropriate solutions based on usage and occupancy of space that are both cost effective and practical
  • Develop site specific remediation plan and apply for state variances as needed.
  • Coordination with contractors
  • On site monitoring for removal/ abatement of any found contaminants
  • Atmospheric fog/ haze Monitoring
  • On call services
  • Full-time on set support

Authentic locations enhance your story.  Let us help you make them safe for cast, crew, equipment, or props.

Our structural team can provide on-site assessments, design temporary structures or shoring, make recommendations for repair and present alternative solutions.

If hazardous materials are present, we can test and identify impacted areas, create remediation/removal plans, and provide on-site air quality monitoring.

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