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Our College and University experience is varied in size, cost and complexity.  We have completed small, targeted upgrades to toilets, doors, and windows while also conceptualizing and implementing campus-defining structures that become powerful symbols of each institution’s identity.

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Rochester Institute of Technology: LaBella, as part of a design-build delivery with LeChase Construction, is designing a new academic center for cyber security education and research. The new facility will enable RIT to launch the Intelligent Cybersecurity Institute (ICI), which will be home to cybersecurity education, research, outreach and training.


Academic Buildings

Demand for traditional lecture format learning has waned and new concepts in classroom design have emerged. With the integration of flexible space, collaboration areas, and the evolving role of the university library, our Higher Education studio can design solutions that meet your needs and your budget.

Athletics and Campus Life

Higher education institutions throughout the U.S. work hard to address the challenges posed by current athletic standards. We understand that in meeting these challenges, your organization is faced with many decisions that will impact both the short-term and long-term strength of your athletic program and campus life.

LaBella Associates’ role as design professionals is to assist you in achieving your goals to create a new model of inclusion, fitness, and wellness. We apply certain common guidelines to all of our efforts. The results may vary depending on each unique project, client, and end user, but we feel these concepts form the cornerstone of all effective projects. An understanding of the cultural history, campus context, and development goals are critical in developing a facility that identifies with your mission.

Residence Halls

Just as academic buildings have evolved, so has the college dorm. Whether you are building new or renovating your existing facilities, our Higher Education Studio can design the right solution for your campus – traditional bedroom units, suite-style housing, townhomes, etc. Students are looking for spaces with a sense of community incorporating lounges, seminar rooms, game rooms, and other socially oriented amenities with integrated technology.

Performing Arts & Galleries

LaBella is a strong advocate of the arts in our community and our goal is to create spaces that enhance the human experience and are integral to the quality of life. We have a strong understanding of both theatre design and the support spaces required to engage the community and facilitate development on your campus.

Roadways & Infrastructure

High quality infrastructure is essential to keep any campus running smoothly. LaBella provides many different services to assist our clients with their infrastructure needs. Specifically, our civil engineering division offers a robust range of design services. When it comes to our higher education clients, we have long-standing successful relationships with both public and private universities. Our team of professionals can assist with any type of project for colleges and universities including small one time projects, large master plans, and even term contracts. Whether you are dealing with upgrades to existing systems or brand new design and construction, LaBella has the experience to make your project come to life.

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