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St. Matthew Church

St. Matthew Church is a 15,000 sq. ft. facility located on Route 20A just east of the Village of Livonia. The building is located on a 20 acre rural parcel adjacent to a number of farms and which was once farmland itself. The 650 seat worship space faces north capturing natural light and framing the agricultural landscape. The interior environment of the space promotes a sense of community while facilitating the liturgy of worship. Fellowship activities, large group meetings, office functions, and educational activities are accommodated by a long bar of spaces which run along the west side of the worship space and flanks an exterior courtyard. The new facility is a place which captures the essence of and is sensitive to the agricultural context while respecting the histories and heritages of both St. Joseph Church and St. William Church of which the combined parish is comprised.

During design, LaBella Associates worked with St. Matthew Church to develop a plan which allows the worship space to be expanded to accommodate future growth as well as a strategy for the phasing of construction of a future parish center, classrooms and office wing.

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