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Preliminary Design of Flood Critical Bridges in Western NY

Critical Bridges

Under a New York State Department of Transportation Regional Design Services Agreement, LaBella Associates provided engineering design services for the preliminary design of the replacement of 17 flood critical bridges. Eight of the bridges were located in Region 3 (Greater Syracuse Area), six in Region 4 (Greater Rochester Area) and three in Region 5 (Greater Buffalo Area). The majority of the bridges were located in areas prone to flooding and scour. The bridges were selected for replacement by the Department based on a preliminary screening of their Bridge Inventory System.

Work under this agreement included project scoping, environmental determination, preliminary highway/bridge design, hydraulic analyses and the preparation of design reports. LaBella also performed the topographic survey and created mapping for all of the Region 3 Bridges. LaBella personnel prepared final design reports for the following bridges: Route 19 over Sandy Creek (Town of Hamlin), Route 5 over Tonawanda Creek (Town of Batavia) and the I-81 Northbound and Southbound Bridges over Spring Brook (Town of Pulaski). The remainder of the reports were prepared by three different subconsultants working under the direction of LaBella. The project involved close coordination between Main Office DOT staff, Regional DOT staff and the subconsultants.

LaBella was recently selected to perform final design for eight of the bridges in the original contract. Construction of these eight bridges is a top priority of Governor Cuomo’s, allocating less than four months to provide for all. LaBella will be working directly for Main Office DOT due to the highly aggressive schedule and political nature of these projects.