• LaBella Associates

Rehabilitation of Monroe County's Portland Avenue

Portland Ave

LaBella Associates completed the rehabilitation of 1.3 miles of Portland Avenue from the Rochester City line to Titus Avenue.

The purpose of the project was to improve the physical condition of the roadway to better accommodate vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians along Portland Avenue. A Pavement Evaluation Treatment Selection Report (PETSR) was completed to identify pavement distresses / deficiencies and appropriate treatments to preserve and extend the useful life of the highway by 20 years. Various treatments were selected (mill and overlay, single course overlay, full depth shoulder reconstruction) based on differing conditions along the corridor.

Portland Ave 2

Additional goals of the project were to:

  • Install drainage improvements and address drainage deficiencies to positively convey highway surface and subsurface water. Existing system rehabilitations and introduction of a new closed drainage system (northern section) were included.

  • Improve traffic flow and facilitate traffic operations based on design year traffic forecasts which included signal replacements and modifications and the addition of new auxiliary turn lanes as necessary.

  • Provide a facility that better accommodates bicycle and pedestrian modes of travel with the addition of new concrete sidewalks to fill in gaps and restriping the roadway to provide wide (shared use) curb lanes.