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Groundbreaking at the Gastonia Water Treatment Plant

Gastonia Ground Breaking

The City of Gastonia began a new chapter in its history on Thursday, July 9th, as local officials came together for the formal groundbreaking ceremony for the Gastonia Water Treatment Plant Project. The renovation and upgrade will include an ultrafiltration membrane system, making it the first in North Carolina to undergo this sophisticated water treatment technology.

Membrane filtration utilizes pressure to force water through small holes in a membrane. These holes are sized to allow water to pass through while rejecting most pollutants and contaminants. This system provides greater security and protection for utility customers. In addition to this innovative treatment technology, this project will include a 4 MG clearwell and a state of the art, 15,000 sf membrane facility with a chemical storage and feed room.

A new 9,000 sf office and laboratory addition has also been designed that will house office areas, a control room, three separate laboratory spaces, conference rooms, locker rooms and storage areas. Major renovations will occur in the existing buildings and will include all new exterior windows, new architectural finishes, structural upgrades, new roofing, and energy efficient upgrades including lighting and HVAC. Of the 70,000 sf facility footprint, over 70% is being renovated.

The entire program, from planning and design to completion of construction, will take approximately three to four years and total approximately $52 Million.

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