• LaBella Associates

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Gatehouses

LaBella Associates recently completed a project transforming Holy Sepulchre Cemetery’s existing gatehouses into multi-purpose community spaces. The gatehouses were built in 1870, with minimal updates beyond adding electrical utilities. The gatehouses have been re-imagined as conference and community space for both the cemetery and the general public. With new A/V capabilities, the spaces can be rented for a variety of functions, including post-burial gatherings.

Technically, the renovation was extensive. Both buildings are constructed of load bearing Medina stone, with wood framing and plaster comprising the interior walls, and an existing marble tile flooring. The existing floor was demolished and excavated to lower the floor height to an accessible level. The interior walls were furred and insulated, with all new wiring, lighting, alarms and A/V equipment. Each facility has a new accessible toilet, new piping and water service. The new windows and doors were fitted to the unique existing gothic arched opening.

LaBella Associates also designed a new entrance stair for Holy Sepulchre Cemetery’s 1850 chapel. The stair was custom designed to enhance the existing architecture. Steel was used in the construction of the sub-structure and stringers, with precast concrete treads. We coordinated closely with the steel fabricator on the design and fabrication of new iron railings.

The existing Medina stone stairs were in disrepair, but were kept in place because of their significance to the existing building design. The new stair sits upon the existing stairs, protecting them from additional damage.

LaBella is proud to have worked with Holy Sepulchre Cemetery on these important pieces of Rochester architecture.

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