• LaBella Associates

Certificate of Completion Awarded to Covanta Niagara Brownfield Redevelopment Project

Last month, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) officially issued a Certificate of Completion under the state’s Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) for Covanta Niagara’s new Rail-to-Truck Intermodal Facility (RTIF). This project was an exciting opportunity to clean a former industrial site while also designing a new intermodal facility and its required infrastructure.

The Niagara Falls, NY brownfield redevelopment project involved a 15-acre former industrial site. A new, modern intermodal facility was desired to receive fuel (arriving by rail) and transport it to Covanta’s adjacent energy-from-waste facility. LaBella provided brownfield-related environmental services from this project, from the pre-acquisition due diligence phase through the completion of the cleanup and commencement of operations. Additionally, LaBella provided civil engineering and architectural services during the design and construction of the rail-to-truck facility.

Following the completion of a remedial investigation of the site, LaBella assisted Covanta with enrolling the site in the Brownfield Cleanup Program and developed a remedial program that was fully integrated with the future design requirements of the RTIF. This cleanup program involved select building demolition, the removal of a handful of contaminant “hot spots” and utilizing the new facility components (railroad ballast, asphalt and concrete slabs associated with the new development) to cap residual contamination. LaBella provided full-time oversight of the clean-up construction activities, and was also responsible for air monitoring throughout the project.

Due to the presence of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM) slag on the site, radiological screening and monitoring were critical components of the remedial program. LaBella worked closely with the site development contractor to implement effective soil/fill screening and handling procedures during site grading and the construction of the new RTIF infrastructure. LaBella was also contracted for the removal and off-site disposal of over 8,000 tons of TENORM slag. This included the use of In-Situ Object Counting Systems (ISOCS) technology to screen outgoing trucks for radiation levels to ensure disposal facility compliance prior to departure from the site.

Upon completion of site remediation and RTIF construction, LaBella generated a Final Engineering Report and Site Management Plan that received NYSDEC and NYSDOH approval, thereby finalizing Covanta’s eligibility to receive the liability protection and tax credits available through the Brownfield Cleanup Program for this $15 million redevelopment project.