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LaBella Wins Harley Hill Excellence in Lighting Award

LaBella Associates was presented with the Harley Hill Excellence in Lighting Award for the exterior category by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of Rochester for the site lighting design at the Irondequoit Town Hall located in Irondequoit, NY.

LaBella was commissioned by the Town to design site improvements, which included the site lighting at the Town Hall. The lighting design was to provide for new parking lot lighting at the new Library, and improvements to the existing lighting including lighting for the Westerly Drive, the parking lot behind the Town Hall (which also serves the Public Safety Building), sidewalk lighting from the Town Hall to the street, new flagpole lighting, new monument lighting and additional walkway lighting around the new Library.

The team’s overall design and lighting selection saves the Town on the watts used per pole while producing more usable lumens.

Some project hurdles included matching new light poles and lanterns to the existing old world style light fixtures within an affordable budget. Additionally, we were challenged to provide a lighting layout where the new poles were not blocked by the surrounding landscaping and without trimming the trees.

Work was completed in the summer of 2015.

Each year, the Rochester Section of IES to recognizes excellence in design for local lighting projects. Harley Hill was well known in the local industry and very active in this organization. These awards have been named in tribute to him and signifies the best lighting project as submitted by local firms and as judged by members of the lighting community.

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