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Information for Our Clients Regarding Recent Drinking Water Lead Contamination

Recent drinking water issues in Flint, Michigan have been a topic of concern nationwide. Many of our clients, including school districts, municipalities and college campuses, have contacted us seeking objective assessments and information.

As the US Environmental Protection Agency has begun to examine the conditions that led to the failures in Flint, a rigorous evaluation of current engineering and scientific analysis methodologies regarding potable water systems has been initiated. This rapidly evolving understanding of causes and effects will impact the manner in which water systems are assessed, both now and in the future. As an example, the USEPA has issued modifications to its guidelines for potable water lead sampling as recently as February 29, 2016.

We advise our clients who elect to conduct water testing to formulate a comprehensive plan, understand how the results will be communicated to the public, and consider that the regulations and protocols for testing are evolving rapidly.

As environmental and water supply engineers with over 35 years of experience solving water quality and environmental health issues, we propose a transparent, collaborative, and diligent process for all environmental assessments we perform. Our approach is to engage stakeholders, investigate the cause of the problems, and develop solutions that can meet or exceed the current regulations and guidelines for drinking water.

The links below may be helpful to communities that are looking to test their water systems.

Should issues be found, LaBella has experience in managing very large, complex engineering

and construction programs for sophisticated utility clients who are required to meet international project and environmental quality standards. This places us in an exceptional position to offer risk assessment and management services and tools, strategic communication and stakeholder engagement planning, and quality control/quality assurance measures to document compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

If you are considering testing your drinking water or have any other questions, feel free to call Greg Senecal, CHMM or Clement Chung, PE at (877) 626-6606.

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