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Architecture Week Wrap Up: Talent at LaBella

This week we celebrated National Architecture Week. National Architecture Week is a public awareness campaign dedicated to elevating the public’s appreciation of design and to bring attention to the role architects play as a force for positive change in our communities. Each year it's celebrated to coincide with Thomas Jefferson's birthday, our only architect-president! We look forward to celebrating again next April.

Today, we asked our team what they liked about working at LaBella. Here's what they said.

We're also excited to share the results of our Design Competition. To refresh your memory, our designers were tasked with designing an innovative prototype cabin for a local YMCA camp. The parameters:

  • The cabin should be architecturally innovative, and appealing to both children and adults

  • Each cabin should sleep 14 campers and 3 counselors

  • Utilize a universal design approach to accessibility

  • The cabins will be used for 3 seasons each year

  • They must be energy independent ("off-the-grid")

  • There must be a private, safe area for changing

  • The cabins should consider lake views from the site given

  • Plan a "village" of six of the prototype cabin, somewhere within the camp

  • Each cabin is limited to no more than 1,000 sf.

Our winner was Jerry DeRomanis and Beth Curran! See the PDF of their submission by clicking the image below.

Runners Up (Click on the image to view the entire PDF submission)

Dan Pieters:

Michael Place & Lindsay Davis:

Barbara Burke, Liz Kirchhoff, Stephanie Sartori, Danielle Lewis:

Telicious Robinson & Jose Rivera:

Thank you to everyone who entered and produced these concepts within an extremely limited amount of time. Design exercises keep our creative minds sharp and ready to tackle new challenges. It's also a great opportunity to work with different people within our offices. Join us next time! Take a peek at our Careers page!

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