• David Misenheimer

SUNY Fredonia's Starbucks Gets a Back-to-school Makeover

The National Center for Education Statistics projects that by 2017 college enrollment of people under 25 will rise 10 percent, making university campuses and the college towns and cities that surround them ripe for potential quick-serve expansion. Within recent years many higher education institutions are adding shops and brand-name eateries, as well as renovating bookstores to keep up with current technology trends and for better student retention. According to Jeff Pavic, Vice President for channel development for the National Association of College Stores, “Lots of schools are looking to improve retention rates by bringing the products students need to campus. It brings them a sense of comfort and convenience.”

Given the importance of brand-name amenities for student retention, SUNY Fredonia's Starbucks was recently updated. Working with Starbucks corporate design and Faculty Student Personnel, the existing 2,300 sf Starbucks café in Cranston Hall on the SUNY Fredonia campus was remodeled to reflect current Starbucks design trends and branding. The existing curved soffits, wood floors and neutral color scheme were replaced with more industrial looking orthogonal soffits, tile patterns, rustic reclaimed wood wall treatments and steel accents. The café area included new finishes, furniture, banquette seating, lighting and merchandiser shelving.

The prep and point of sale area was reconfigured for more efficiency and accommodate newer equipment. The back-of-house area included a new dishwasher and water purification system. LaBella served as Architect of Record and followed the project from Design Development through to completion, adhering to an aggressive construction schedule.

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