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LaBella's First Annual Craft Beer Challenge!

Last Friday, happy hour was designed with some friendly competition in mind! Our first annual Craft Beer Competition saw local beers from each of our office locations face off in blind taste tests.

Each LaBella office gathered to nominate a local craft beer to represent their region. Developing their own brewery tours and selection criteria, each office submitted a confidential selection. Over the next few months, the nominated beers were secretly exchanged over the course of our regular business trips until each office had a tasting supply of every selection.

On Friday, October 7th, we all had happy hour "together" as blind taste testing occurred in every office. Armed with scorecards, secret identities and code words, our team gave all seven beers a try, and entered their ratings on our intranet site.

The winner was from our team in Maine, whose local favorite Allagash White was rated highest! Rochester's Rohrbach Scotch Ale came in second, and in third place was Scranton's Troeggs Perpetual IPA.

All of our selections:

  • Rochester chose Rohrbach Scotch Ale

  • Scranton chose Troeggs Perpeutal IPA

  • Ithaca/Elmira chose Ommegang Rare Vos

  • North Carolina chose Triple C. Brewery Hyzer Hefeweizen Ale

  • Cleveland chose Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold Lager

  • Buffalo/Jamestown chose Hamburg Hoppenstance

  • Maine chose Allagash White

Our goal was to celebrate our hard work with our colleagues no matter their location. Check out the gallery below!

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