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Ann and Carl Myers Cancer Center Brings Treatment Within Reach

The Ann and Carl Myers Cancer Center is now open in Dansville, NY. Located at Nicholas Noyes Memorial Hospital, the Center is a collaboration between the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Wilmot Cancer Institute, Noyes Health, and Jones Memorial Hospital. URMC’s Wilmot Cancer Center was regularly treating patients driving an hour or more from the southern tier to Rochester. The creation of the Myers Cancer Center now makes state-of-the-art cancer treatment accessible to residents in Livingston, Allegany and Steuben counties.

The Myers Cancer Center comprises 8,500 square feet and houses medical and radiation oncology services. Prior to the completion of the Cancer Center, on-site medical oncology treatment was available on a limited basis. The new six station infusion space will allow for continual, efficient treatment.

Construction of a linear accelerator vault was critical to expanding the area’s treatment capabilities. The vault houses the linear equipment used for vital radiation treatment, and is enclosed within concrete walls six feet thick. The center was designed to allow for a future second vault.

In addition to the main Cancer Center, several enabling projects were undertaken to accommodate the new facility. Parallel to the Cancer Center an existing CT suite was re-equipped with an additional laser assembly to become a CT simulator suite. The hospital’s 3,500 square foot occupational therapy/physical therapy rehabilitation unit was reconstructed in another location at the hospital to allow for the annexation of Medical Oncology. An orthopedic physician’s suite on the basement level was relocated to accommodate Radiation Oncology.

LaBella’s healthcare team collaborated with IBC Engineering, Appel Osborne Landscape Architecture and the Pike Company in the design and construction of the new facility. The interior environment was designed to be inviting, cheerful, and inspired by nature. Yellows, oranges, greens and browns were incorporated into the finishes, drawing inspiration from the backlit nature photography positioned for the patient in treatment areas. A large skylight was designed into the basement sub-waiting area to incorporate calming, natural light for patients awaiting radiation.

The proximity of quality cancer treatment services to the region will simplify access for patients and their care-givers. We’re proud to be part of this successful project.