• LaBella Associates

Green Roofs Installed at MCC's Downtown Campus

Three areas of green roof were installed at Monroe Community College’s Downtown Campus this month. At almost 22,000 square feet, the roof system is capable of capturing 13,000 gallons of rain water during a single rain event. That’s the equivalent of a large backyard above ground swimming pool!

The green roof system reduces campus storm water pollution and helps protect our local waterways by minimizing building run-off. Succulent and sedum plants are rooted in four inches of growing medium. The growing medium sits atop filter fabric, a drainage layer, a root barrier, a roofing membrane and a leak detection grid.

While serving to manage storm water, the green roofs will also help to reduce the building’s heat island effect and increase the thermal efficiency of the roof insulation. They also offer enhanced aesthetics to the campus community – over 50% of the green roof area will be viewable by the building occupants and all are viewable from the neighboring Kodak tower.

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