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High Performance Engineering Drives Albany's New Audi Dealership

LaBella's Albany team provided lighting design and mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering for the new Audi Albany dealership. The existing building was demolished, and a larger, high performance facility was built in its place.

With sweeping curves reminiscent of banked turns on Germany's famous Nürburgring race track, the new showroom required lighting, ventilation and sprinkler protection design that maintained Audi's sleek aesthetic.

Audi's 17-bay garage is considered an extension of the showroom. With exposed MEP systems, every duct, pipe and conduit was strategically placed. LaBella utilized extensive under-slab electrical to limit exposed conduit. The slab also conceals in-slab automotive equipment and radiant heating. Lighting in the garage, crucial for both mechanic functionality and aesthetics, was custom-designed for the Albany dealership in lieu of the Audi standard design. In doing so, we achieved a higher lighting performance at reduced cost. Lighting systems account for natural light from overhead skylights, and modulate to ensure consistent lighting levels.

On the building's exterior, LaBella's team designed snow melt systems at all main and emergency exits. This system eliminates the need for awnings, and maintains the building's signature aesthetic. Site lighting was designed to showcase vehicles in exterior sales areas, and emergency light bollards were used in lieu of standard wall-mounted lighting. Electric vehicle charging stations were also included to showcase Audi's electric car offerings.

LaBella is proud to have collaborated with Owner’s Representative Jean Claude Alten, Audi Albany, Sano-Rubin Construction, CDR Studio Architects, Hershberg & Hershberg, Wallant Architects, and N.K. Bhandari on this project.

Check out a walk through of the entire project!

Video Courtesy J.C. Alten