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Exciting Redevelopment Concepts Revealed in Hamburg, NY

The Village of Hamburg held an Open House on Tuesday, June 27th 2017 to outline some of the redevelopment strategies for the Village. The Buffalo News was there.

LaBella Associates is the lead consultant on the Buffalo area project and Planning Division Director Ed Flynn and Senior Planner Eve Holberg led the Open House to unveil the concepts to the community.

Among the concepts revealed: Two roundabouts on Lake Street at the intersections of Pleasant Avenue and Main and Evans streets:

The West End would be transformed if highway garages are moved from West and Pleasant avenues. Currently, the four departments are operating 19 buildings within 3.5 miles of one another. One plan shows housing erected where the village DPW is now located:

The Village of Hamburg has several commercial and industrial areas that are characterized by underutilized and vacant sites. These sites have a scarring impact on adjacent commercial and residential areas and they are impeding growth of the Village's economic and tax base.

The Village wants to insure its long term financial viability and economic sustainability by increasing the Village's tax base through the development of these sites. Consistent with past revitalization efforts the Village is taking a proactive approach to develop strategic redevelopment plans that will provide a road map for the future of these underutilized sites.

This plan is especially important to create opportunities for repurposing and redeveloping these areas and public input will continue to be a focus area as we move in to the next phases of the project.

Ultimately, LaBella’s team approach is to develop a strategic, consensus based, market driven plan that can lead to transformative projects to support long term sustainable redevelopment.

Next steps involve preparing site portfolio packages that include demographics, market analysis data, drawings/plans, funding, and contacts for developers.

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