• LaBella Associates

Gloversville Downtown Development Strategy Shared With Public

The City of Gloversville held an Open House on Wednesday, June 28th to outline some of the concepts for the Gloversville Downtown Revitalization. LaBella Associates is the lead consultant on the project. In partnership InSite Architecture, Planning Division Director Ed Flynn led the Open House to unveil redevelopment concepts for the City.

Information at the event included stages of Downtown Revitalization which takes six to 10 years to reach critical mass and includes things such as events, housing, retail and offices. The workshop served as a chance for the public, city and county government and business community to communicate with the consultant team.

The plan is to build a consistent vision on Downtown Revitalization Efforts; identify opportunities, constraints and issues; provide data to investors; and initiate a downtown rebranding program among others.

The revitalization process will be in three different phases: the first will look at where the city has been and the second will explore where they city is going. The final step in the process will be to look at how to achieve the vision created in the other two steps.

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