• LaBella Associates

Cleanup of Foundry Contamination is Underway in Geneva

Since Spring, LaBella has been working with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) on the investigation and cleanup of contamination resulting from the former Geneva Foundry. The Geneva Foundry operated for over 100 years, beginning in 1896, in Geneva, New York. Lead and arsenic contamination resulting from Foundry air emissions is now present in the soil surrounding the former Foundry site.

The impacted area has been divided into three operable units. Two of these units are the site of former Foundry operations and are being cleaned up by the City of Geneva under the Brownfield Cleanup Program. The third unit consists of off-site properties, many of them residential, that are likely to have contaminated soil. The investigation and remediation of this unit is being completed under the NYSDEC State Superfund Program.

Approximately 220 properties have been identified for investigation and possible remediation. LaBella’s Environmental Contractor, LaBella Environmental, LLC, has been performing sampling with a Geoprobe and has thus far completed over 225 shallow soil borings at approximately 30 properties to assess levels of contamination. Remediation at several properties has also begun and has included the excavation and removal of contaminated soils. All impacted properties will be completely restored with clean fill to replace the excavated soil and all lawns, gardens, driveways, decks and all other areas disturbed by the cleanup will be replaced.

Given the number of potentially impacted properties, it is anticipated that the project will take several years to complete. Investigation and remediation efforts will continue until all properties within the project boundary have been deemed clean.