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Results from LaBella's Regional Barbecue Sauce Battle!

With the pace of LaBella’s growth, our tight-knit family ultimately spreads further apart. With over 500 employees, not every member of the LaBella family recognizes one another these days. We’re trying to change that. Last year we kicked off our annual regional contest with craft beer tasting, convincing seven out of fifteen offices to put their favorite local beer forward for blind taste tests. This year, four more hopped on board and chose their best local barbecue sauce to compete.

Over the course of last week we went barbecue crazy, pouring sauce on our fingers, taking Dixie cup shots, and eating multi-course barbecue meals in the names of camaraderie and science. Each office was allowed to pair their saucy samples with foods of their choice, with some opting for chicken tenders while others spent hours smoking hand-rubbed beef brisket.

Of the 184 total votes­­ – not counting double dippers (you know who you are!) – "Sassy" took first place as the most-loved barbecue sauce. Second and third place went to "Sear" and "Flame" respectively. Here are their true identities:

“Sassy” | Rochester | Good Smoke Original BBQ Sauce - #1

“Sear” | Albany | Kenny’s Hot Grillin Sauce - #2

“Flame” | Cleveland | Sunny Slope Apple Butter BBQ Sauce - #3

“Brisket” | Charlotte | Smokin’ Coals Barbeque Sauce

“Slather” | Scranton | Backwoods BBQ – Sweet Garlic Sauce

“Saucy” | Jamestown | Burning Asphalt Sauces, Peach-Bourbon Bar-b-Que Sauce

“Feast” | Ithaca | Jake’s Grillin’ Coffee BBQ Sauce

“Baste” | Davidson | Scott’s Barbecue Sauce

“Skewer” | Maine | Beast Feast Maine Maple Chipotle BBQ Sauce

“Smokey” | Buffalo | Bob’s Original Classic House Sauce

“Rare” | Syracuse | Tom’s Bootleg BBQ Sauce

Check out a gallery of our event:

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