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LaBella's Free K-12 Seminar Series Hosts Dr. Robert Dillon, Educator & Author, on October 26

LaBella Associates is proud to host Dr. Robert Dillon for our fall seminar. Dr. Dillon is a teacher, principal, and author of four books on best practices in learning. Dr. Dillon is passionate about changing the educational landscape by creating excellent, engaging schools for all students. He provides guidance and support to districts throughout the country on a variety of areas that focus on change and innovation. His work has helped students succeed by breaking through barriers and supporting real change over time.

His book, The Space: A Guide for Educators has inspirational and practical techniques for optimizing classroom design and layout for learning. He walks educators through a series of questions and ideas on how learning spaces can support collaboration, showcase learning, and deliver a learner’s need for quiet on a realistic budget. This session will be approached from the educator’s perspective. Free Registration at our site here, or by emailing insession@labellapc.com.