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Building Design + Construction Ranks LaBella #5 in K-12 Education Engineering Nationwide

LaBella was recently ranked #5 on a list of the nation's largest K-12 engineering firms! Building Design + Construction publishes an annual issue looking at Giants in various marketing sectors. You can view the list here.

Along with the annual list, BD+C publishes a market trend report that offers insights into the issues impacting educational design. According to the article, "some long-term K-12 trends—like beefing up safety and security, and designing for more natural light and outdoor learning space—are still in vogue. But districts and their communities also want schools to focus on encouraging hands-on, collaborative, real-world learning experiences."

In LaBella's K-12 studio, we've always understood that schools need to be high performing and maintenance friendly. However, we've made a conscious commitment to furthering our understanding of the evolving classroom.

"Our K-12 team is committed to understanding the science of pedagogy and how new technology impacts our classrooms," LaBella President Robert A. Healy said. "Over the past year, we've spent a lot of time talking about the 'classroom of the future.'" In 2017, LaBella's K-12 team initiated a semi-annual K-12 digest, In Session, for sharing articles and written content, toured Google headquarters in NYC to learn about the Google for Education program, and hosted Fall and Spring workshops for educators. Additionally, our interior design team turned LaBella's collaborative spaces into small showcases of the latest in flexible and technology integrated furniture, allowing our clients to "kick the tires" on the latest educational products.

This month, we proudly hosted Dr. Robert Dillon, who led two workshops: one for educators from 18 districts, and one for our internal design team.

Dr. Dillon challenged our team to consider the perspectives of educators and students, through a series of workshop activities and interactive discussions. The first advice he gave, however, was not what we expected— “When you build a school,” he said, “the first thing you should do is not talk about school.” He explained that, whether you’re an educator or a designer, talking “school” conjures old mental models— of desks in rows, roll-in televisions, and mass-produced furniture— the very models K-12 Giants are building away from.

Sign up to receive the Fall issue of In Session when it publishes in November for a full recap of our Dr. Dillon workshops, a look at changing library/media centers, and much more content. "K-12 is important to LaBella because it's important to our community," Healy says. "We want to build engaging places to learn and teach."

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