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LaBella Celebrates 40th Anniversary with New Branding!

We're marking 40 years in business the only way we know how: with a new design. The firm is celebrating the arrival of 2018 and its 40th anniversary with the release of a new brand.

LaBella Associates has grown rapidly over the past decade, to now employ over 650 professionals across 18 locations in the United States and Spain. “We are in many ways a different company than we were ten years ago,” Sergio Esteban, Chief Executive Officer says. “But our approach and core values remain the same.”

President Robert Healy echoes Esteban’s perspective. “Some companies use a new brand as an opportunity to reset or reposition. That was not our goal. Our goal was to better articulate who our company is, the reasons for our success, and what clients should expect when working with us.”

The new tagline, “Powered by Partnership” was selected to build on the firm’s historic emphasis on relationships. “As part of an 18 month process, we worked with a consultant to conduct both internal and external interviews. The feedback we received validated our belief that the process of working on a project and the partnerships that form as a result of that process are what creates a valuable result,” Healy said. “We may live in a digital age, but building partnerships with talented people is still the best way to solve big challenges.”

The tagline will also be applied internally, recognizing that the firm is also founded on partnership between employees and partnership with the community. “As a full service company, we have a variety of disciplines that work together in partnership to deliver solutions,” Esteban says. “And we’re employee-owned, which makes us all partners in the company’s success.” The company’s success is unequivocally attributed to its core values. “One of our core values is leadership within the community. We have a number of community partnerships that we value and support, and we would not be where we are today without them.”

Founded in 1978 as a civil engineering firm by Salvatore LaBella, LaBella Associates has made good on building partnerships with talented people. We now offers nine distinct service areas, and a long list of specialties within each. As part of the new brand, we have reorganized our website into four practices: Buildings, Infrastructure, Energy and Environmental.

In 40 years of business, LaBella has completed a number of high profile projects that are recognizable, and even more that the public enjoys but does not see. No matter the size, budget, or location, the hallmarks of a LaBella project are the same. Reliability. Accountability. Collaboration. Our leaders are confident their existing clients will see the firm they know and trust in the new brand. “LaBella has always been powered by partnership,” Healy says. “We are excited to see all that our partnerships will accomplish in the future.”