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LaBella Shares Housing Needs Assessment Results with Genesee County

Director of Planning Ed Flynn shared the results from a recently completed Housing Needs and Market Analysis for Genesee County at a public meeting on Wednesday, February 7th, held at the old County courthouse.

The results: Genesee County is in a housing predicament. Specifically, an oversupply of owner-occupied housing for extremely low-income households and not enough for market-rate renters.

The study’s findings suggested that the county’s current housing environment is not sustainable and will force housing preferences to change over the next 20-plus years.

Currently, 73 percent of the county’s housing is for single-family, large-lot-type housing, however, the study predicts that there is going to be a greater demand for single-family, small-lot units in the county by 2040.

A lot has changed since the last time a housing needs study was done in 2005; most significantly, the population has aged. To address resident concerns and considerations LaBella has recommended countywide rehabilitation programs, requiring “aging in place,” making accessibility upgrades, providing new types of development opportunities, small lots, downtown/neighborhoods and amenities such as trails and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant features.

Read more about the study at The Batavian or The Daily News online.

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