• LaBella Associates

Nothing to Fear: Chestnut Arbor Veterinary Clinic

Chestnut Arbor veterinary clinic is open and caring for pets! The 2,500 square-foot space was designed by LaBella using “fear-free” practices for pets, carefully considering flow between the treatment room, exam rooms, and the lobby. It was important for LaBella to create a space that was warm and inviting for pets, owners, and Dr. Merlo’s staff.

With no daylight in the treatment area, it was a challenge to create a comfortable environment. LaBella designers opted for a natural finish palette and utilized space-saving equipment to circumvent space constraints. The result is a calming, spacious treatment area that doesn’t compromise the size of exam rooms.

From the first design meeting to grand opening, Chestnut Arbors took only 9 months to complete. The clinic serves a developing residential area with single- and multi-family homes, as well as a retirement community.