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LaBella's Principal Environmental Analyst Offers Article 10 Expertise to Panel

Earlier this month, LaBella’s Principal Environmental Analyst Kathy Spencer participated in a panel at the The American Planning Association Upstate Chapter’s Annual Conference. The conference draws planners from across the upstate region together to attend a variety of sessions on new trends, innovative practices and creative tools in planning from across upstate and beyond.

Kathy’s presentation explored new Article 10 regulations and how they impact communities. She identified differences between Article 10 and SEQRA and highlighted key limits and time frames within the Article 10 law.

The panel also included Town of Barre Supervisor Sean Pogue, environmental law attorney Dwight Kanyuck, and President of renewable energy development company The Brownfield Group, Grant Cushing. Each presenter touched on their own perspective of Article 10 regulations, and their experience with impacted projects. The panel discussed incentive information, developer and community considerations when implementing renewable energy projects, and lessons learned from a town actively engaged in the Article 10 process. The presentation concluded with a question and answer section for audience members to dive deeper in to the conversation.

Kathy is LaBella’s Principal Environmental Analyst with over 30 years of experience in environmental analysis and compliance. She has reviewed or prepared numerous SEQR Environmental Assessment Forms and Environmental Impact Statements for a wide range of community and private development projects. In the last several years, Kathy has become involved in three Article 10 wind energy projects and has become a sought after resource for her experience with renewable energy projects. Similarly, she has shepherded numerous projects through the maze of environmentally related permitting, with a particular focus on stream crossing, wetland, SPDES, and other natural resource approvals, and has worked extensively with federal NEPA regulations and review processes. She also brings strong, long-standing, and positive working relationships with State and Federal Agency contacts and municipal officials.

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