• LaBella Associates

Improved Safety and Circulation for Corning's Riverfront Plaza

Corning Incorporated turned to LaBella to study and design improvements to Riverfront Plaza, which serves as a gateway into Corning Inc’s Headquarters facility and is adjacent to historic Market Street in Downtown Corning. Riverfront Plaza is a hub of pedestrian and vehicular activity associated with Corning Inc. operations, downtown businesses, and two adjacent parking garages. LaBella was tasked with studying existing conditions and designing improvements to benefit circulation and safety for all users of the plaza. LaBella also performed inspection and administration services during the construction phase.

The project included two new raised pedestrian crossings, new sidewalks and ramps, a raised island to channelize traffic around the circle, upgraded signage, and replacement of all decorative pavers and bricks within the plaza. LaBella also designed a snow-melt system to serve pedestrian walkways in the plaza. Context-sensitive design was essential to the project, as well as coordination between the various public and private entities. A complicated construction staging plan was implemented to perform the work while maintaining traffic through the plaza.