• LaBella Associates

Celebrating Our New Office Space in Uptown Charlotte!

Last week LaBella celebrated our new office opening in the heart of Charlotte’s Cultural Center in the 3rd Ward. Located at 400 South Tryon Street, our new space on the 13th floor combined three of our office locations into one. This opening signified our commitment to preserving Charlotte’s history and built environment in addition to engaging with our community partners to make Charlotte a better place to live and work. Our presence in Charlotte began in 2010 with the acquisition of Pease Engineering & Architecture, a firm with a rich history of designing facilities in the Queen City dating back to 1938. This legacy includes iconic buildings and infrastructure around Charlotte such as the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, Charlotte Water Works - Vest Station, WSOC-TV, and others. Since 2010, our team has grown to over 40 strong, now together Uptown.

Charlotte City Council Member the Honorable Larken Egleston opened event remarks by discussing the import work taking place in the City of Charlotte and initiatives that he is championing. “We’ve got a huge initiative right now to become a more environmentally friendly and sustainable city and LaBella’s doing a lot of work in that space through energy, waste and recycling, and environmental initiatives.” In addition, council member Egleston discussed the importance of preserving Charlotte’s built environment. “There’s so much history in this city, so much of it has been lost, but there’s so much more of it that we can still save and find new ways to can breathe life into old spaces the way that ya’ll have done with this office here and the way you do on other projects around this city and around the region. So I appreciate the work that’s being done there. “

In preparing for the move, LaBella wanted to find a way to preserve the historical project documents it had on file, so it formed a partnership with Dr. Tom Hanchett, Community Historian, and the University of North Carolina Charlotte. “Y’all are making history today, and you’re doing that on a foundation of history.” Said Dr. Tom Hanchett, Community Historian. The donated plans, photographs, and files now reside at the UNC Charlotte J. Murrey Atkins Library and can be viewed by the public.

As part of our engagement with our new neighborhood, Center City, LaBella has formed a partnership with the Arts & Science Council. Robert Bush, President said, “I want to thank LaBella for your support of our students at Studio 345 which is our out of school program for high school kids, now in its seventh year, and we bring students from every high school in Mecklenburg County to the Center City. You’re going to be working with us because of your archive of Pease photographs. The students at 345 are going be to digitizing images and plans and other things and creating graphics.” Our COO, Steve Metzger, closed the ceremony. “My message to all of you is that we can’t be more thrilled at the opportunities that we see here in Charlotte, not only through our business, but to grow our presence here in the community. At LaBella we believe that we are powered by partnership and that includes community partnerships as we’re seeing here. To the city officials, staff, and clients, and community organizations here today we commit to being the best corporate citizens that we can be here in Charlotte.”

Thank you to our speakers the Honorable Larken Egleston, Dr. Tom Hanchett, and Robert Bush for spending your evening with us!