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LaBella's HVAC Designers Keep Massanutten Indoor Water Park Balmy

LaBella recently designed replacements for air handling systems to heat, cool and ventilate the 50,000 square foot indoor water park at the Massanutten Resort in Massanutten, Virginia. LaBella is uniquely qualified to carry out this work having prepared the original schematic design for the system in 2005. The park has numerous water features including slide tubes, a lazy river, a flo-rider (which simulates surfing) and a large central play tower.

HVAC design for an indoor water park is very challenging due to the extremely high levels of water evaporation from the recreational features and the need to maintain a high level of indoor air quality for the occupants. Indoor relative humidity levels must be accurately controlled to maintain occupant comfort and to prevent condensation on the building structure which can cause structural damage.

The original HVAC units, installed in 2005, had reached the end of their service lives and LaBella was tasked with finding the best equipment for the replacement project. Our team prepared detailed mechanical drawings and control schematics for the project.

The new units, manufactured by Environmental Air Systems, Inc. of Gorham, Maine, are approximately 25’ x 25’ by 10’ high. Each unit moves 80,000 cfm of air and is equipped with three 30 Hp supply fans and three, 25 Hp exhaust fans. A heat pipe heat recovery system recovers sensible heat to reduce heating costs. Outdoor air is carefully controlled to maintain humidity levels and to preserve indoor air quality. The unique sequence of operation maintains an indoor relative humidity level of 55% at all times to keep occupants comfortable and to reduce evaporative energy loss from the water features.