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LaBella's Architecture Week Challenge!

On Thursday, April 26th, teams of LaBella architects competed in the first annual "LaBella's Architecture Ninja Warrior" competition (with apologies to real Ninja Warriors everywhere).

In a round-robin style competition, each team earned points for the successful completion of four, 7 minute challenges:

1. It's Fun to Stay at the YMCA

Teams had 7 minutes to find five Virtual Reality versions of their co-worker, Lindsay, as she enjoys all the new spaces within the future Schottland Family YMCA model. The YMCA is under construction and our team has been using Virtual Reality to develop the design.

2. Frank Lloyd Wright On Your Forehead

Each team member used a forehead band to assume the identity of a famous architect or architectural landmark. Asking only yes or no questions of their team mates, points were awarded for each identity they were able to guess correctly, within the seven minute time frame.

3. Section Cut Up

An architectural "section" is a drawing that shows the construction of a building if it were cut vertically across a plane. In this challenge, a drawing of a roof detail was cut up into puzzle pieces, that teams raced to reassemble.

4. Pictionary

Teams competed to correctly draw and guess all 10 architecture-themed clues in 7 minutes time!

Following the Round Robin competition, our teams gathered for the final challenge: a Model Build!

With a 15 minute time frame and a set material list, teams competed to build the farthest cantilever off of an empty tissue box - no easy feat when the rules prohibit securing the lightweight box to the table!

Once the competition was complete and points were tallied, the team of Jerry DeRomanis, Meghan Thomas, Lindsay Davis, and Sean Maguire was victorious! Congratulations on achieving Architectural Ninja Warrior fame and fortune.

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