• LaBella Associates

Agribusiness is Growing at Mitchell Community College

Like many Americans, the leadership at Mitchell Community College saw the decline in family owned farms in North Carolina and across the United States as an alarming trend. In response to that need, the College created their new Agribusiness curriculum to encourage students to consider a career in farming and agribusiness.

While many people see agriculture as just a labor of love taking place in dusty fields and barns, Mitchell College’s Agribusiness program focuses on the business of agriculture. The curriculum focuses on building knowledge of agricultural marketing, law, and finance, along with the basics of soil and animal science.

Mitchell Community College commissioned the architects and engineers of LaBella to design their new Agribusiness Building. The 4,000 square foot classroom and lab building includes a large classroom space, an indoor/outdoor soils and planting lab and a drive through bay to house tractors and other types of farm equipment for the students to study in addition to a student lounge and instructor offices. The building was completed on time and is ready to welcome next semester's students.