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LaBella Contributes to AIA Rochester's Centennial Installation

LaBella joined AIA Rochester for a ribbon cutting ceremony at Midtown Commons to celebrate the opening of Rochester's very first architectural installation. Speakers included Jason Streb, President of AIA Rochester, Barbara Burke, Installation Co-Chair, Commissioner Norman Jones, and Councilwoman Elaine Spaull.

The installation is the culmination of a design-build competition held by AIA Rochester to commemorate its 100 year anniversary in Rochester. Each of the 7 structures reinterprets the "gabled roof," arguably the most recognizable form of "architecture." LaBella's piece, named "Better Your Bottle," is an apparatus for the display and exchange of bottles and cans in a “take-one, leave-one” manner, turning recycling into community art and encouraging the redemption of bottles and cans for cash value. The installation will be open to the public now through Labor Day.

Congratulations to Stacy Welch, Barbara Burke, Lindsay Davis, Tom Simbari, Danielle Lewis, Jerry DeRomanis, Leila Mantilla, Nika Farahani, and Sean Maguire for their work on LaBella's piece.

Our piece in development:

A look at the entire installation:

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