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Highlights from East Irondequoit CSD's Multi-Phase Capital Improvement Project

LaBella's K-12 studio recently completed all four phases of East Irondequoit Central School District's 2015 Capital Improvements Project. Read on for some of the highlights!

Durand Eastman Intermediate School, one of East Irondequoit Central School District’s six buildings, recently received a facelift to its kitchen and cafeteria. The serving line was brought outboard of the kitchen to ensure the fire rated shutters could close and seal to the floor in the event of a fire alarm trigger per code. The cafeteria and kitchen were generally left in their existing state except for finish upgrades throughout the space. A new feature wall and soffit were created at the serving line to modernize the space and emphasize the upgrades.

Eastridge Senior High School received the largest amount of work and was included in the third phase of construction. Don't miss our award-winning athletic field work, here. A new competition grade athletic wood floor was installed in the 9th Grade practice gym along with new wall pads, rock climbing wall, folding partition, and HVAC units.

LaBella worked closely with the district to ensure that the space featured East Irondequoit branded finishes that emphasized shades of blue and athletics decals and graphics. This gym is primarily utilized by physical education classes, cheerleading and wrestling practices and does not hold any competitive matches in which bleachers are required.

Just down the corridor from the 9th Grade Gym is the high school’s library. Originally an interior courtyard, the existing library's glass roof system was causing an excessive amount of solar heat gain which the mechanical units could not compensate for. In an effort to combat this, the District installed exterior applied tinted film in which was cracking and peeling. Additionally, many perimeter gaskets were failing. LaBella specified insulated glazing with a white opaque layer to diffuse the direct sunlight as well as improve solar reflectance to facilitate the cooling of the space with existing mechanical units.

Beneath the glazing system, the entire library received a complete overhaul of new finishes, furniture, and a new circulation desk. Vibrant shades of blue emphasized district branding, while tones from wood-look luxury vinyl tile flooring warmed the space and created spaces-within-space for students to gather. To align with the progressive methodology of the District’s technology vision, new furniture was selected to feature power and data connectivity as well as complement the refreshed interior space. All pieces were specified with flexibility in mind, allowing the space to be used as a library, lounge, large gathering space and functions that have yet to be imagined.

To create even more agile spaces, two classrooms immediately adjacent to the library were opened into the existing footprint to create a flex space for students to utilize and for faculty to hold impromptu classes and events. Here, the existing corridor block wall was opened up with fire rated storefront glass systems to create a visual connection for students passing by to view activity within the library and flex space. Built-in seating along this window created small break out spaces for students to meet quickly to study or catch up between classes.

Ivan Green Primary School received the second largest portion of work in the 2015 Capital Improvements Project within the District. In addition to toilet room reconstruction throughout the building, the library was completely removed from the building footprint and replaced with a larger and more airy library addition. Energizing hues of blue and yellow evoked sunny skies and created a sense of wonder. The school’s “Be Enthusiastic About Reading” program inspired custom graphics for wallcovering and decals featured hand-drawn, playful bears reading books and peeking out from behind blocks of color.

Primary colors were featured throughout all interior finishes and furnishings, including acoustical clouds and panels, child-appropriate furniture, and carpeting. Mobile book stacks were specified to allow for maximum flexibility within the space and were arranged in a radiating pattern for maximum sight-lines from the librarian’s office to all parts of the library.

Because the main building facade has southern exposure, a large cantilevered overhang was designed in analysis of the sun angles throughout the school year to assist in shading the large storefront system as well as limiting solar heat gain within the space. The fifteen foot overhang also shades and protects a portion of the outdoor learning space that teachers frequently utilize in their curriculum with the planting beds in the courtyard.

These three buildings as well as two others combined were included in the approximately $20 million 2015 Capital Improvements Project with all services provided by LaBella. The project team is currently providing pre-referendum services in planning for the 2019 Capital Improvements Project with the District which will be voting in December of 2019.