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LaBella Presents Energy Solutions for Economic Success

On Thursday, October 24th, LaBella Associates and the Southern Tier 8 Regional Board presented an educational forum as part of the Regional Energy Assessment and Strategy. The event was designed to increase understanding among businesses and municipal officials about energy technologies, government policies and utility practices. The Board was recently awarded funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission to evaluate the energy infrastructure within its eight (8) county region. LaBella Associates has been working collaboratively with the Southern Tier 8 to review data findings, voice utility perspectives, and gather input from the community in order to build better opportunities for business and economic development.

The 4-hour event included 3 strategic sessions. LaBella Planners Barbara Johnston and Edward Flynn moderated the sessions. The first session was structured as a utility and regulator round table. The second session offered technical case studies, with presentations on biomass, geothermal, and solar energy, and energy efficiency from LaBella's Mike Barbasch and Stuart Bailey. The third session focused on funding, incentives, and opportunities for partnerships.

The goal of the program was to provide information and facilitate discussion about:

  • the regulatory framework that drives investment in new and traditional energy infrastructure

  • technological innovations in alternative energy

  • funding sources to implement beneficial projects

  • raising awareness for clean energy solutions to better meet the needs of the community.

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