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Chemung County Bridge Rehab Starts with Inspection Gadget

LaBella was retained by the Chemung County Department of Public Works for the Rehabilitation of the Pennsylvania Ave (CR 69) Bridge over Seeley Creek Rehabilitation. The bridge is located in Southport, NY, approximately 8 miles southeast of Elmira. This bridge is a 210 ft. long “thru truss” and was originally constructed in 1938. Over the past 82 years and countless applications of road salts, this bridge is in need of repairs, as it is currently posted for 17 tons. The scope of work for the project is to rehabilitate this truss bridge to extend its service life for another 30 years.

In order to determine the extent of the rehabilitative work necessary, LaBella performed an in-depth inspection of the bridge from December 16 - December 20, 2019. The inspection focused on the most vulnerable components of the bridge, assessing the bridge’s existing condition. The results of the inspection, along with performing calculations and load ratings for both the current condition, but also projected ratings for the next 30 years, will be used to develop a rehabilitation matrix that prioritizes the elements of the bridge that needs immediate attention and those that should be strengthened to extend the bridge’s service life for at least 30 years. This approach gives the most bang for the funds available for the bridge by addressing only the bridge elements that really need attention.

In the photos, Steve Gauthier, Jeff Young and Deshawn Henry are measuring individual truss members and gusset plates to confirm the bridge’s existing condition and posting, using a Bridge Tracker.

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