• LaBella Associates

John S. Dyson New York Energy Zone - An Electrifying Experience!

LaBella recently completed the John S. Dyson New York Energy Zone, a state-of-the-art science museum designed for the New York Power Authority (NYPA) whose mission was to introduce the public to power generation and the role New York State plays in it. The 19,000 SF, two-story facility was designed to house interactive exhibits each strategically placed to carry visitors through the history and future of electricity.

The exhibits within highlight Tesla vs Edison, drone simulation, controlling electricity, operating a simulated power plant, and building a table-top micro power grid. Also included is a world-class 3D theater utilizing MAGI film generation where viewers are enlightened about Nikola Tesla and his lasting contributions that shaped our world today.

NYPA also partnered with the Utica Zoo and strategically located the Energy Zone directly adjacent to the Zoo with the goal of providing an enhanced visitor experience.

The building's design utilizes modern architectural elements including, but not limited to, large low sloping standing-seam metal roofs, exposed heavy timber, aluminum storefronts, fiber-cement cladding, and stone veneer. The building was designed with sustainability in mind as well. A geothermal system was provided, electric car charging stations installed, and bioswales with native plantings placed throughout.

You can learn more about NYPA's Visitor Centers by clicking here.