• LaBella Associates

Natural Light and Texture Abound in Webster CSD's Administrative Offices

As part of our multi-phase renovations to the Webster Central School District, the district administrative offices were overhauled to better align with their educational philosophy.

Prior to renovation, the layout of the administrative space featured traditional concepts, with enclosed offices located along the exterior walls. Inspired by a visit to Google, the district wanted to create a highly collaborative environment that stimulated creativity. Several distinct work areas were created to give each section a unique identity.

Informal collision zones were integrated into the furniture layout of the offices to promote an open and collaborative workplace. Otherwise utilitarian spaces such as corridors were enlivened with meandering paths to promote an energetic work environment. For private meetings and heads-down work, small breakout rooms were moved toward the center of the space and also maximized the amount of natural light flooding the workstations.

With an ever-present focus on the Webster community, the design of the suite highlighted school pride and references to the natural beauty of nearby landmarks. Biophilic elements such as rich wood textures, birch tree graphics, hues of blue and green, and meandering organic forms were incorporated to evoke the outdoor landscape. Check out the gallery below, and stay tuned to see how the remainder of the project progresses.