program management

LaBella Associates provides clients with comprehensive Program Management services to assist with managing capital budgets, project execution, and program implementation. Beginning at the portfolio level through project and program teams, LaBella provides support services including procurement management, scheduling, and quality management. 



Program Management

  • Coordinate a selection of small projects within a program objective
  • Monitor material and equipment requirements for project needs
  • Track forecasting and actual spend for annual program budget
  • Coordinate all project level resources

Project Management

  • Lead project teams to ensure project completion, maintaining budgets and planned schedules

  • Develop project charters, project management plans, budget documentation, monthly forecasts, and variance explanations

  • Provide monthly reporting including forecasting, variances and recovery plans

  • Foster a team environment

Portfolio/Monthly Reporting

  • Develop capital budget with client's management team

  • Implement change management process for project and program changes

  • Foster cross-functional communication between client's business and administrative divisions


  • Analyze requirements to develop procurement strategies
  • Coordinate efforts across departments and locations for material, equipment, and contractor work orders
  • Document preparation
  • Track and expedite bid projects

Risk Management

  • Project stakeholder meetings and risk workshops

  • Develop risk register to organize and track threats, opportunities and issues

  • Project risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulations

  • Project scheduling with risks and uncertainties

  • Project budgets with risk based contingencies

Quality Management

  • Develop processes and templates to implement client's Quality Management System (QMS) processes

  • Provide training to owner's staff and project team

  • Develop reporting mechanisms to monitor and control QMS processes

Scheduling and Project Controls

  • Develop dynamic project schedules while applying standard EVM methodology

  • Design and establish progress tracking methods and resource management tools to ensure accurate and timely status reporting

  • Project performance analysis: critical path, variance reporting, earned value management, cost performance index, and schedule performance index as well custom reporting design fit project needs

2010 - present