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It’s easy to rest on the expertise acquired in over 30 years of design for K-12.  We’ve completed over $800 million in Capital Projects for schools and along the way we’ve learned a thing or two. 

However, we believe experience alone isn’t enough to add real value to our clients. Just as our industry and business has evolved, so has education.  The science of learning has advanced, and so too must our classrooms.

In Session is an awareness that for us, school is always in session. We continue to seek opportunities to learn from experts in pedagogy, benchmark projects from across the country, and explore new material and technology applications.  We spend time researching the questions and issues facing our clients and share what we learn here with you.


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  • What Educators Can Learn From Google

  • How to Achieve Project Buy In Without Opening the Flood Gates

  • What is SEQRA and How Does it Impact my Project?

  • Lead in Drinking Water: What We Know Now

in session
spring 2017
  • From Circulation Desk to Circuity Tech: Inside the Modern Library

  • Dr. Dillon and the 22nd Century Classroom

  • The Chevy or the Cadillac?  Evaluating Furniture Options

  • Acoustics Beyond the Music Suite

in session
FALL 2017
  • The 1:1 Issue

  • Visiting Mooresville, NC: the Nation's Pilot District

  • Looking back on a 1:1 implementation with a District CIO

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Commissioning

in session
spring 2018
  • Safeguarding our Schools:
    Security Master Planning

  • Recapping the EdSpaces Conference

  • Ready of Not, Here it Comes: Building Condition Surveys

  • Should You Jump In the Pool?
    DASNY Pooled Borrowing

in session
fall 2018
  • Resetting the Clock on BCS

  • Webster CSD Students Borrow Inspiration for Library Design

  • Rochester City School District Adds a Makerspace

  • Nazareth's Golisano Center Redefines Inclusion in Athletics

in session
spring 2019
  • The Classroom of the Future in Hindsight

  • 2020 Pedagogy Predictions

  • Multi-Purpose Flooring & Mercury

  • 2020 Lead Testing Requirements

in session
fall 2019
  • Hybrid Education in the Built Environment

  • Athletic Fields Will Be Tested

  • The $35,000 Question: Change Orders

  • Immersive Interiors: How Simulated Learning Environments are Revolutionizing Education

in session
fall 2020
  • BOCES Administrators Share Their Story

  • How to Pitch Your Event Tent to NYSED

  • Dansville CSD Breaks Ground

  • RIT Global Cybersecurity Institute is Award-Winning

  • LED Lights Allow for Illumination with Impunity

  • The Latest Ventilation and Filtration Guide

in session
spring 2021
  • Right this Way - The Importance of Wayfinding & Environmental Graphics for Your District Campus

  • COVID-19 Funding Sources Available

  • Home Field Advantage at Fowler High School

in session
fall 2022
  • Choosing the Right Consultant for Your Needs

  • What to Consider When Designing a Greenhouse

  • Energy-Saving P-12 Grants 

  • Purchasing Contracts as Part of a K-12 CIP

  • How to Engage the Community in Your Next Design

in session
spring 2022

municipal projects

IN office


At LaBella, one of our four core values focuses on the stewardship of resources. It’s a philosophy of our firm, and we know it’s shared by the many public officials who trust us with their community’s assets.  

The responsibilities of the office you hold require stewardship of the public’s finances, safety, education, and infrastructure. The office requires difficult decisions, public scrutiny, and unimaginable foresight.  Whether elected or appointed, public officials are the trustees of our communities.

Nonetheless, the office you hold is only daunting if you’re in it alone.  In Office is our commitment to be your partner in stewardship.  Bringing LaBella’s team of experts into your office, this semi-annual publication will present our experience, our expertise, and our forecasting on the topics and trends that affect municipal projects.

LaBella’s stewards come in many forms: planners, environmental scientists, civil engineers, architects, interior designers, and many other professionals that treat your resources as our own.  Let us know if there’s a topic we can explore for you by contacting us at inoffice@labellapc.com.

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  • The Case for Comprehensive Planning

  • More Drinking Water Pressure: PFOA's

  • A Municipal Engineering Christmas Story

  • Drainage Improvement Areas Can Stop a Flood of Phone Calls

in office
issue no. 1
  • Considering Solar

  • Stakeholder Engagement Services

  • Celebrating the Arrival of a New Train Station

  • Snowmelt Systems Make Safety Automatic

  • Experts in Waste & Recycling Join the Team

in office
issue no. 2
  • New Regulations Shaping Our Projects

  • Preparing to "Raise the Age"

  • Article 10: Defining the Process for Permitting

  • Start a Renaissance in Your Community

  • Part 360 Rules the Dirt Pile

in office
issue no. 3
  • Opportunity Zones Come Knocking

  • Solar on Closed Landfills

  • Vague Noise Ordinances Lead to Headaches

  • Courthouse Renovation Gives Justice to the Past

  • Welcome Sheriff Phil

in office
issue no. 4
  • Testing & Treatment - for PFAS

  • Strategizing for Stimulus: Get Shovel Ready

  • GIS in Emergency Management Response and Beyond

  • Live, from NY: It's Online Public Engagement Strategies

  • NY Legislation Accelerates Renewable Energy

in office
issue no. 5
Bridge Design
  • Planning for Recovery

  • The Next Round of BRIDGE NY

  • Bringing Cemeteries to Life: How a Masterplan Can Restore and Revive

  • Making the Old New Again: Waterline Cleaning & Relining

  • Reducing your Constituents' Commute Time: The Jack & Tunnel Method

in office
issue no. 6

building knowledge

Case Studies, Technical Reports, Perspectives, and Presentations


Emerging Contaminants

Information Hub

LaBella can successfully monitor and treat contamination from emerging contaminants like PFAS and 1,4-dioxane.

G_Senecal_005.jpg 2014-10-3-13:41:11

Greg Senecal

Director of Environmental

Photo 1.jpg

Perspective: Wood Structural Systems

New products and design trends are pushing the limits of what can be built with wood.


Jeff Wackowski

Structural Engineer


Wetland Delineation

Technical Guide

Shelby Sova answers frequently asked questions about wetlands and development in New York State.


Shelby Sova

Permitting & Compliance


Read more about how we rehabilitated 1950's era building to today's sustainability standards in our Case Study.

G_Senecal_005.jpg 2014-10-3-13:41:11

Jessica Kruse

LEED Administrator


Perspective: Artisans in Architecture

Read about the collaboration between artisans and our architectural team for the Hermance Family Chapel.

LeBella1493 1.jpg

Barbara Burke

Project Manager

Brandless Generators.jpg

Emergency Generators

Technical Guide

Senior Electrical Engineer Chuck Lind shares the many considerations that go into selecting and maintaining an emergency generator. 


Chuck Lind

Electrical Engineer


MCC Downtown Campus

Case Study

LaBella renovated over 250,000 sf of an existing office building into a LEED Gold certified dynamic downtown campus.


Jerry DeRomanis

Project Manager