It’s easy to rest on the expertise acquired in over 30 years of design for K-12.  We’ve completed over $800 million in Capital Projects for schools and along the way we’ve learned a thing or two. 

However, we believe experience alone isn’t enough to add real value to our clients. Just as our industry and business has evolved, so has education.  The science of learning has advanced, and so too must our classrooms.

In Session is an awareness that for us, school is always in session. We continue to seek opportunities to learn from experts in pedagogy, benchmark projects from across the country, and explore new material and technology applications.  We spend time researching the questions and issues facing our clients, and share what we learn here with you.

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FAll 2020

Hybrid Education in the Built

LaBella’s Enhanced Quality Program is Underway

Athletic Fields Will Be Tested

East Irondequoit CSD Ivan Green Library Wins AIA Rochester Citation Award

The $35,000 Question: Change Orders

Immersive Interiors: How Simulated Learning Environments are Revolutionizing Education

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The next round of lead testing must be completed between January 1st and December 31st, 2020.

Seminar Series

referendum to addendum: capital project 101

Our 6-hour, one day seminar provided the basics of how to initiate and complete a capital improvement project in your school district.  We took a step-by-step look at the process from project initiation through construction, as well as everything in between. 

Developed for Superintendents and Business Officials, LaBella K-12 studio manager Kevin Rademacher presents the program with retired School Business Official Steven Ayers.  

FALL '17 seminar


We were proud to host a workshop led by one of the leading voices on the future of design within the classroom. Dr. Robert Dillon, co-author of a number of books for educators, travels the country to help districts rethink the ways in which they teach. He visited Rochester to present to LaBella designers and local educators on how— and, more importantly, why— to redesign learning spaces. 

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