waste and recycling

We're proud to be the new home of Joyce Engineering, an industry leader in waste and recycling.  Since its founding in 1983, Joyce has specialized exclusively in responsibly serving the solid waste industry for both public and private clients.  Services include engineering, environmental consulting, planning, permitting, and operational consulting and training.  We have provided these services to municipal clients, private waste companies, regional waste authorities and private industrial operators.  In doing so, we have developed expertise in the unique goals and challenges facing each facility type.  Comprehensive operator training, provided to our clients and our staff, has resulted in deep knowledge not only of the technical aspects of our work, but also the human components. 


As industry leaders, our consultants offer quality Waste Management Facility Operator Training for landfill and transfer station operators in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina (through DHEC), Tennessee and Virginia.

Our courses cover everything from permits to equipment to regulatory compliance, giving our attendees real-world experience that will help you increase safety, protect the environment, and be fiscally savvy. Responding to demand, we have developed programs to meet the immediate needs of our clients.