Renewable Energy

We’re a dedicated partner to communities, residents and developers alike. We work to understand and implement the regulatory and geographical laws needed to deliver on renewable energy projects at any stage.

Energy is a vital component to our modern lives, and for centuries, we have relied on fossil fuels to power our homes, businesses, and vehicles. In recent years, however, there has been a major shift in focus to ways to lessen the harmful impacts of these pollutants.

​We provide expertise to developers and municipalities at all stages of renewable energy projects. From planning and property acquisition, to environmental review, permitting, and the studies that may be necessitated from these processes, our team can guide you to an engineering-ready site.  From there, our civil, electrical, and power transmission and distribution engineers can deliver technical solutions customized to local requirements.

We provide expertise to developers and municipalities at all stages of renewable energy projects.
We are committed to the success of our projects. Regardless of project scale or scope, we will be your advocate and resource beyond project close out.
LaBella’s engineers provide the support and specifications necessary to optimize your generation technology to each site, resulting in reliable, efficient operation for years to come.
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As solar development has exploded across the United States, so has the uncertainty for the analysis of solar developments with respect to stormwater management.

LaBella Civil Engineer, Jared Pantella, PE, breaks down the evolution of stormwater regulations from Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Ohio over the last seven years, highlighting where these regulations stand today and what to expect should they make their way to your state.


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