Your house designed for your life.

We have a bold belief here: that the home design process should be as enjoyable as the end result. That the steps to go from blue-sky ideas to final blueprint ought to be easy and exciting. At LaBella Residential Studio, we’re listeners and collaborators and big dreamers. It’s how we’re able to design homes our clients love to live in.

Whether your home should be designed to support your busy lifestyle or inspire you to slow down and get away from it all, we can get the home of your dreams out of your head and onto paper.
We offer the intimacy of a talented friend with the big-firm resources that can meet your timeline.
Tell us how you live. Where do you put your Christmas tree? Who sleeps in? Do you love to entertain? These are details we’ll use to develop plans for your house—so that it works with the way you live.
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Single Family Studio Leader

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LaBella Residential Studio

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At LaBella Residential Studio, we design according to how you live and what you love. The result is a custom home that suits you as much as it inspires you.

LaBella Residential Studio
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