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Tried and true field-to-finish land surveying services that will set your project up for success.

We’re there first–the swath of undeveloped land, the abandoned and overgrown building, the local shopping center. Across New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, LaBella provides a full range of land surveying and mapping services to support private and public projects.

Our licensed land surveyors provide services for land acquisition, appropriations and easements for infrastructure improvements, and topographic and utility surveys for site design. We perform GPS control surveys, FEMA elevation and flood zone surveys, land subdivision, construction surveying support, deformation and monitoring surveys, as-built surveys, differential and digital leveling, and wetland surveys and mapping. We take our work to the next level of detail using High-Definition Scanning (HDS) technology, UAV/Drone surveys, and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) methods.

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Dave Dippel, PLS
Eastern New York Survey Manager

(845) 486-1586

Christopher Locke, PLS
Western New York Survey Manager


Trey Harter, PLS
Southeast Survey Manager


Joshua Morgan, PLS
Tennessee Survey Manager


Survey and mapping services for any phase of your project.

  • Property & Title Surveys
  • Land Subdivision & Client Representation
  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys & HUD Surveys
  • High-Definition Laser Scanning
  • Topographic & Utility Surveys
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Volumetric Surveys
  • Construction Layout
  • Right-of-Way Mapping
  • Photogrammetric Control Surveys
  • FEMA Elevations Certificate (ELOMA)
  • Underground Utility Designation (SUE)
  • Utility Transmission Corridor Surveys
  • Wetlands Survey & Mapping
  • Civil 3D Mapping
  • UAV/Drone Survey & Mapping

And the latest survey technology to complete it.

We invest in the people and the tools that generate a seamless workflow and reliable data acquisition. Survey instruments are selected to best meet each project’s demands. Cloud connectivity transfers the data from the field to the office, allowing for quick analysis. Mapping products are prepared using the latest releases of AutoCAD Civil 3D, Trimble Business Center, Carlson Survey, and ArcGIS software.

Our land surveying and mapping technology includes:

  • Trimble R10 & R12 GPS Receivers for Static, Rapid Static, & RTK Applications
  • Trimble S7 1” Robotic Total Stations
  • Trimble TSC7 & TSC3 Data Collectors & Controllers
  • Lecia 2″ Robotic Total Stations
  • Carlson BRX6+ & BRX7 Receivers for Static, Rapid Static, & RTK Applications
  • Carlson Tablets Running SURVCE Software
  • Each Crew Has Full TPS & GPS Capability
  • Underground Utility Designating & GPR
  • Leica High-Definition Scanning & Matterport Reality Capture 3D Scanning/Photography
  • Leica BLK360 3D Scanner
  • Trimble TX8 3D HD Scanner
  • Trimble SX10 3D Scanner/Robotic Total Station
  • Phamtom 4 Pro V2.0 RTK Drones
Surveying & Mapping Services

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