Water Supply & Resource Planning

The critical nature of water supply necessitates careful selection, management, and planning.

We understand there are no compromises when it comes to the accessibility and safety of a water supply source. We partner with you to find, develop, and manage clean and reliable options.

LaBella develops water supply wells for municipalities and private clients in all types of geologic settings. We conduct pumping tests to determine the safe, sustainable yield of wells and aquifers. Our clients appreciate the certainty of our well designs, the care we take during performance testing, and our readiness to expand sources or support well redevelopment efforts. LaBella’s water resource engineers can specify water quality treatment as needed and prepare all necessary engineering design documents.

LaBella also offers unique water resource evaluation and planning services. This extends to local and regional expertise with groundwater, surface water, and their interaction. Planners, towns, counties, and state agencies rely on LaBella for such important resource decision-making support and knowledge.

Talk to a LaBella Expert

Russell Urban-Mead
Vice President
Poughkeepsie, NY

(845) 486-1551

Steven Winkley
Senior Hydrogeologist
Eastern New York

(518) 540-4933

Water Resource Evaluation & Planning Services

  • Drinking Water Source Protection Plans
  • Aquifer and Watershed Management Plans
  • Monitoring Networks for Streams and Aquifers
  • Watercourse Services Associated with Streams, Shorelines, and Dam Removal
  • Detailed Mapping of Groundwater and Water Resources for Natural Resource Inventories, Open Space, and Comprehensive Plans
  • Sustainable Septic System Density Analyses
  • Aquifer Safe Yield Evaluations and Watershed Water Budgets
  • Subdivision and Site Plan Review
  • Zoning Amendments for Aquifer, Drinking Water, and Wetlands/Watercourse Protection
  • Water Conservation and Reuse Programs
  • Climate Resilience Planning

Water Supply Services

  • Preliminary Groundwater Feasibility Assessments
  • Mapping of Aquifers and Bedrock Fracture Traces
  • Exploratory Test Drilling
  • Production Well Siting
  • Well Design and Well Installation Oversight
  • Pumping Test Design, Supervision, and Analysis
  • Evaluation of Pumping Impacts
  • Pumping Test Reports for Engineering Reports, Environmental Review, and Permitting
  • Wellfield Rehabilitation
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