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At LaBella Associates, we provide the tools you need to bring your community’s vision to life. We offer a full range of services every step of the way. Whether you’re ready for planning and development, environmental review and permitting, grant/funding application and administration, or project execution, we’ve got you covered.

Our planning team provides tailored solutions to our clients, offering services that include community planning, economic development, land use and zoning regulations, resiliency planning, downtown development strategies, environmental compliance, and more.

Success for us looks like long-term partnerships with our clients. We’re constantly planning for the future and supporting your community as it grows.

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Featured Insight

Planning for Recovery

As municipalities continue to deal with the financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, including loss of sales and use taxes, there is an opportunity for each community to begin planning for recovery when the crisis ends.

The impacts of the pandemic emergency have been similar to a severe weather event like a major hurricane or significant flooding. However, unlike a weather event that affects a specific area, the impacts of the pandemic have been widespread.

The lessons and process of recovery planning from severe weather events can be a starting point for communities to begin to build back better. The shock of the pandemic also provides motivation for communities and state governments to make immediate and long-term changes.

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Featured Insight

Bringing Cemeteries to Life: How a Master Plan Can Restore and Revive

As cultural norms and burial practices shift, many public cemeteries lack the funding and support for necessary upkeep. A master plan for public cemeteries can provide innovative strategies for changing public perception, use of cemeteries, and expansion opportunities.

At LaBella, our Planners and Engineers have experience guiding communities with plans for future development, municipal investments, and land use policy. A master plan, like the one discussed in the article linked below, can help your community unite its buildings, public spaces, and the surrounding environment to create a peaceful and useful space, like a cemetery, for everyone to enjoy.


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