Data Intelligence (GIS)

Make information work for you!

LaBella’s Data Intelligence team offers innovative technology to our clients. The group is focused on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions, but also offers geospatial, data analysis, database management, field data collection applications, and visualization services, allowing your information to work for you.

The team is comprised of dedicated GIS and IT professionals who support hundreds of LaBella projects across all our core service areas. The team is supported by subject matter experts in civil engineering, environmental, transportation, and planning that also have GIS experience.

Additionally, we have significant experience leading many standalone GIS and IT centered initiatives for our clients.



Talk to a LaBella Expert

Greg Coniglio, GISP, PMP
Data Intelligence Discipline Leader
Rochester, NY

(585) 295-7042

Becky Smith, GISP
GIS Professional
Buffalo, NY

(716) 931-6517

Data Intelligence Service Offerings

We offer a full suite of technical services, including:

  • Needs assessment, GIS implementation design, database design, maintenance, and quality control
  • Custom application development, including desktop solutions and web-based solutions
  • Data management
  • Software and systems integration
  • Website design and implementation
  • Field data management (smart-forms, GPS/GNSS, mobile mapping, workflow optimization)
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Cartography, data visualization, and data analytics
  • LiDAR and image processing
  • GIS and IT project management
  • Technical training


Our team utilizes technology to make the most out of your data

GIS Specific Offerings

Our team has decades of experience leading Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-based projects in a wide variety of circumstances and disciplines, including project design, database design, editing and maintenance, QA/QC, application development, cartography, and training.

Technology Planning & Support

  • System needs assessments and strategy
  • System architecture, design, and configuration
  • Implementation planning
  • Ad-hoc technical assistance
  • Enterprise data program management

Data Conversion

  • Paper record conversion to digital spatial data
  • Field data collection (GIS/GPS, Tablet-based collection)

Geographic Information Systems (Geospatial Data)

  • Map production (mapping and cartography)
  • Geospatial data analysis
  • Geospatial data editing and maintenance
  • Field data capture and support
  • Geospatial data management programs
  • Geospatial field data protocol development
  • 3D and LiDAR data analysis (plume and visual analysis)
  • ESRI ArcGIS application development
  • Scripting support for automating geospatial tasks and analysis
  • GIS training program design and Implementation
Meet the Experts
It’s been said that at least 80% of all information is spatial; meaning that it can be tied to a specific location. This makes the use of GIS an ideal tool for managing much of the world’s data. I love that I’ve been able to apply my passion for geography and maps to so many subject areas, and bring this expertise to LaBella!Greg Coniglio, GISP
Data Intelligence Discipline Lead
GIS is an integral part of our projects at LaBella. We use this powerful tool to gain deeper insight into patterns, trends, and geographic context, which allows us to make more informed decisions quickly.Becky Smith, GISP
GIS Professional
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